I am so grateful for the process of work and working with every individual involved with this project and to watch the community of individuals that emerge in proceeding forward in its completion. “Breathe” is a single off of upcoming project titled, “Limitless Extraordinaire.” It is about our urge as humans to dig deep within ourselves in order to discover what is the essence of living. It is about creative empowerment, self-reflection and our ability to overcome obstacles in order to create the reality that we desire. It is in the magic of each and every breath and within the golden stream of our infinite nature and consciousness that we discover our ability to step into our most beautiful epicenter as humans. Dig deep, stay strong, believe in your own truest nature. It really only requires that you keep breathing. That’s it. You are a beautiful, light-filled being. Fill yourself with your own infinite nature. ┬áThe rest will unfold with your presence.